UV lights can be part of the solution to keeping your HVAC system and ducts clean and healthy.  The installation of a UV light on your HVAC system will aid in eliminating the mold, germs, viruses, and bacteria that may cause medical-related issues.  UV lights are considered a useful tool to improve the overall quality of the air in homes, hospitals, and other facilities.

Coil Sterilizer or Air Sterilization

The coil of a central air conditioning system condenses moisture from the air to dehumidify your home.  As air passes over the coil, dirt, pet dander, and other debris stick to its wet surface and thereby potentially create a perfect environment for the growth of mold and bacteria that can spread through your home in the circulating air.  Coil sterilization lights are installed where they can shine directly onto the surface of the coil and are left on continuously.

Germicidal lights are another type of UV light available for your air conditioning unit.  These lights are installed in the return-air ductwork and serve to kill airborne germs and mold. In some cases, these are hardwired to the blower motor and turn on and off in sync with the motor. 

Keep Pathogens Under Control

Whether you need home or commercial HVAC services, we can get these sterilizers installed for you. The efficacy of the UV light at killing viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria depends on the installation by HVAC technicians; that is why it is important to hire a trusted HVAC professional. Using the appropriate UV light for your HVAC system can affordable and effective…when done properly.  Installation and running costs are relatively low while rendering long-lasting desired results. Our HVAC company is ready to help, so give us a call today!